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About Us
Consulting Firm is a private, third-party consulting firm that offers online information and guidance on how to register for the United States Military Draft. If you're a man who has recently turned 18 or are a man ages 18 through 25, you are required to register for the draft. We can help you comply with U.S. military draft registration law, avoid criminal penalties, and prevent possible lifetime loss of federal benefits.
A portion of the fee you pay is earmarked
to support disabled American veterans.
Thanks to you, we have raised $2,170 for
disabled American veterans since January 1, 2011!
The United States Government does not charge a fee for men ages 18 through 25 to register for the draft or file a change of address as required by federal law, look up an existing registration number, or order a replacement registration card. Young men may contact the United States Government directly to register, file a change of address, look up an existing registration number, or order a replacement registration card without paying a fee. is a private, third-party service that, for your convenience, charges a $25 automated service fee to connect registrants to the United States Government's official draft registration website (please bookmark the landing page/add to favorites for future reference). Our fees are charged for the use of our automated online consulting service (which includes a free download copy of  "A Young Man's Guide to Registering for the Draft"), website bandwidth costs, and advertising & marketing expenses; a percentage of proceeds from this site are earmarked to support a non-profit veterans advocacy group.This service is not endorsed by or affiliated with any United States government agency or the United States military. We are not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. By using this website, you agree to hold JPL Enterprises International, Inc., DBA On-line Registration,, and its owners, agents and employees free from any and all litigation that may arise from the use of this website. All sales are final. Once an order is placed, this service instantly redirects registrants to the applicable United States Government's official online military draft registration website registration submission/change page or search tool. There are therefore no refunds or cancellations possible. You understand and agree that your military draft registration is not final until and unless you (1) personally complete the official United States Government online registration form or alternate paper form; and (2) receive official written registration confirmation from the United States Government.